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    برنامج صغير متعدد المهام مثل حجوزات الفنادق الصغيرة وادارة الاجازات والرحلات والجدولة الزمنية وادارة الوقت وإدارة الضيوف وإقامة الزوار والشقق والوكلاء والشقق، والمعاشات التقاعدية والكثير غير ذلك.

    واجهة البرنامج بسيطة جدا وسهلة الفهم والاستخدام

    FeWo24 Holiday let administration 2.6.1b Bilanguage

    FeWo24 Holiday let administration 2.x Bilanguage -- 27.0 MB

    Holiday let administration with interactive allocation calendar. For vacation dwellings, suites, pensions and little hotels. Creates assignment plans and booking confirmations. Comfortable and intuitive. With FeWo24 very comfortable and easy to manage guests and dates, stays and apartments. With automatic creation of layout plans, perfect for posting on the Internet, strong time management, input of any documents, create reservation confirmations, invoices, reports, list printouts and more.

    The convenient template management with many delivered example templates completes the extensive correspondence function for single and series documents (Word, RTF, Excel, email and reports).

    The main features

    administration of guests and stays, flats and agents

    for all kinds of flats, flats, pensions, room, small hotels, also halls or boots; arbitrarily extendable

    with interactive allocation calendar with which all reservations are indicated in an endless calendar and these can be moved, directly changed, and new reservations be added

    possibility for the input of a special price in the stay: divergent current price and divergent number of days (e.g., 5 for 7 or 12 for 14)

    extensive correspondence function for single documents and standard documents (Word, RTF, Excel, e-mail and reports)

    with automatic PDF production about the CIB pdf brewer (must be installed)

    with the possibility to sign PDF documents about a StepOver-Signature-PAD directly

    comfortable template administration with many provided example templates to the correspondence function for short letters, confirmations, calculations, reminders

    with automatic production of pin assignment plans, very well suitable for the publication in the Internet

    documents can be scanned directly, e.g., for associating of a travel resignation insurance policy

    an audiofile (virtually as a linguistic memo) can be taken up by Micro/Headset/etc to record, for example, dictations for employees

    with strong appointment administration / appointment calendar and a History table to the holding on of any events

    with functions like caller's list, remember lists, birthday and appointment recollection, Outlook comparison, double's search and double's settlement, mass updates

    with an incoming phone call the concerning guest data record is automatically indicated (only with ISDN or TAPI possibly)

    import port and export of VCard files and iCalendar files, for example, for transmitting of contacts and appointments from and to Smartphones (iPhone, iPad or Android-Phones) or desktop computers

    all lists with the possibility for the update of the columns and definition of colours, with Filterable, mouse radian support and a lot more

    freely determinable input masks to guests, stays and flats for in each case up to 42 own fields

    smart and adaptable paging functions and filter functions, also for export and printing lists

    with phonetic search, so after similarly sounding names, like Maier, Mayer, Meier, Meyer, Mair

    export possibility of the address data, e.g., for computer letters in Word or other

    input of any other documents (e.g., pictures) to guests, appointments, stays, flats and agents

    alternatively fully automatic and/or semiautomatic data protection

    intuitively serveable and modern 32-bit user interface, with many setting possibilities for the individual work

    optionally as a SQL server version with the possibility to put on a FeWo24 data bank also on a SQL server or to migrate an existing FeWo24 data bank

    optionally with additional module ezCloud / ezAPP for Android Smartphone / Tablet PC to the entrainment of mobile data

    optionally with additional module for flat administrator with agent-commission account and owner settlement as well as adaptably adjustable statistical evaluations to the stays

    optionally with network ability for indefinitely many users

    optionally with user administration to the assignment of different account policy

    OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

    Language : English



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