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    برنامج تسجيل الصوت الذي يعمل مثل الإملاء تماما فأنت تقرأ وهو يكتب ويمكن ارسال ما تقرأه مباشرة الى الطابعة لطباعته او ارساله كرسالة بريد الكتروني

    Express Dictate 5.95

    Express Dictate 5.95 | 1.9 MB

    Express Dictate software is a voice recording program that works like a dictaphone. It lets you use your PC or Mac to send dictation to your typist by email, Internet or over the computer network.

    Digital Recording Features

    Digital audio recording with superb signal processing quality

    Record to wav, mp3 or dct formats

    Automatic non-destructive editing with multiple record modes including record-insert, record-overwrite and record-at-end

    Voice activated recording so long silences are not recorded

    Assign priority to individual dictations

    Ability to prompt for patient or file data before recording starts

    Send recordings directly to a typist immediately by email, over a computer network or via FTP (Internet) or save to your hard drive

    Supports encryption, perfect to secure patient or client data for transmission over the Internet (HIPAA compliant)

    Dock analog or digital handheld dictation recorders and transmit recordings made when away from your computer

    Attach additional files or notes for your typist to recordings

    View work progress or recover sent dictations

    Audio compression to reduce file and transmission size

    Can be controlled by system-wide hot keys (so you can record while working in other screens)

    Hand controllers or foot pedals can be used when dictating

    We also offer foot pedal controlled player software your typist will love

    Easy-to-use interface so you can be dictating in just minutes

    OS : Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7 / 2012 / 8 / 10

    Language : English

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