برنامج إنتاج مشاريع طباعة مذهلة للمدارس و الأعمال التجارية Print Artist Platinum Retail

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    برنامج التصميم العريق والشهير لانتاج مشاريع الطباعة المنزلية وللمدارس والاعمال الشخصية والتجارية والبرنامج يوفر الاف القوالب الجاهزة والرسومات والخطوط المناسبة

    Print Artist Platinum Retail

    Print Artist Platinum Retail | 194 MB

    Print Artist® Platinum 25 is unlike any print software you’ve ever used - its unparalleled quality combined with unprecedented ease of use lets you produce amazing print projects for your home, school or business.

    Impress friends, family and clients with the creative edge that only Print Artist Platinum can offer – 28,000+ professionally-designed templates, 377,000+ sensational graphics, 1,000+ premium fonts and more! With its powerful, yet easy-to-use design, text and drawing customization tools, advanced photo editor, special text effects gallery and more, you’ll be creating expert, eye-popping print projects with a professional, custom look that truly raises the bar!

    28,000+ Professionally-Designed Templates

    377,000+ Sensational Graphics

    1,000+ Premium Fonts

    NEW User Interface! Now Even Easier to Use

    Easily Upload Projects to Facebook & YouTube

    Photo Card Projects & Photo Clip Art

    Digital Photo Editor Makes Your Pictures Shine

    Bonus! Create CD Slideshows You Can Watch on TV

    System Requirements

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10

    512 MB RAM

    DVD Drive

    1024 x 768 display or higher

    Internet connection required

    Recordable or rewriteable CD drive required to burn CD slideshows

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