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    ZPAY TimeClockWindow

    The TimeClockWindow application follows a long line of easy to use payroll tools starting with ZPAY, ZPAY 3, then PayWindow and now TimeClockWindow. The best news is that our time clock is network ready and can be installed on all of your workstations and used by all of your employees in the same office. No extra costs for workstations or for the number of employees in the company, no limits!No more managing hours by hand! No more spending half a day trying to add up the employee time and pulling your hair out because of messy employee cards that you can't decipher! Automation with our time clock software is the answer!

    The best thing about TimeClockWindow is that it has full integration with PayWindow. That means full importing employee, company and departments data from PayWindow and pushing the employee hours direct into PayWindow each payday! Starting with the time clock employee interface, as you can see below, it shows you exactly who is clocked in and who is clocked out with color coded tags on the employee "time cards". Red is out, green is in and blue is on break or lunch. There is even a mailbox that shows when the employee has a message waiting when the flag is up. The administrator interface of TimeClockWindow gives you all the tools and power you need to set up and manage your employee time records. And for PayWindow users, it's as easy as clicking a few buttons to import your employees from PayWindow! And if you update any employees in PayWindow, simply re-import to refresh the data.The Employee forgets to clock out? You can edit the "time transactions" to easily fix problems like that. You can even add transactions such as Holiday hours if you have paid holidays, sick time if you pay sick time and even vacation hours.

    Here are some of the features you will find in TimeClockWindow:

    Software Time Clock, no expensive hardware to buy

    Simple to use time card interface

    Manages unlimited number of employees at no extra charge

    Network ready for unlimited workstations with no extra charge

    Can also run on single computer in small office

    Interfaces with PayWindow Payroll and imports employees and exports time to PayWindow

    Built-in message center with ability to broadcast to all from administrator

    Built-in security to prohibit time tampering on computer by employees

    Best security can get time from Internet making it impossible for time tampering on computer by employees

    Password protected to keep employees from shutting down.

    Prints paper reports for those non-PayWindow users (not sure why you'd not use PayWindow)

    Database Merge tool allows you to merge databases from different building not on the Company Network.

    Export features: direct to PayWindow and to CSV file format

    Imports employee information, company information and list of departments from PayWindow

    Password protected at administrator level and for each employee

    Keep track of who is in and who is out at a glance

    Simple to set up and to administer

    PC based system, no expensive time clocks required

    Reports can be selected by individuals, range of individuals and date ranges

    Support for forced lunch and break times

    OS : Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

    Language : English