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    Atomic Scribbler 3.2

    برنامج محرر للنصوص شبيه ببرنامج الوورد لكن بميزات أكثر تركيزا على بعض الأدوات المساعدة لكتابة القصص والروايات مع امكانية فتح عدة مشاريع او صفحات Tabs بنفس الوقت وانشاء مجلدات مختلفة لحفظ المستندات والصورة خير تعبير عن عمل البرنامج

    While some creative writers are satisfied with their classical text tools, like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer, others are probably interested in a software solution with features more focused on storytelling. Atomic Scribbler is such a program. Adopting the clear-cut and familiar look of Microsoft Word, the application comes bundled with functions specially designed for novelists and short story writers when it comes to building a scene, researching, and taking notes

    Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10