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    TaskAngel 3.3 Build 3050

    TaskAngel To-Do List for Windows delivers power with simplicity. It’s powerful enough to manage complex and critical projects. And yet it’s simple enough to run your shopping list. Most people think they are too busy to manage their time. But the truth is a good time management system can double your productivity and reduce stress.

    TaskAngel To-Do List for Windows gives you a simple way of gathering together all of your tasks. And it doesn’t matter if your tasks are big or small, work or home, painful or fun. Whatever, TaskAngel will help you decide what you are going to do next – right now.

    Gather everything you have to do into one place

    Make sure nothing is forgotten

    Organize your tasks to make it easier to work through them

    Filter your tasks so you can concentrate

    Sort your tasks in many different ways

    Quickly choose which task to work on next

    OS : Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10

    Language : English