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    برنامج الطباعة الملونة الاحترافية واعطاء نتائج رائعة والوان زاهية بالاضافة الى ميزة توفير الحبر بالطابعة

    basICColor print 5.0.2 Build 146.70 Multilingual

    basICColor print 5.0.2 Build 146.70 Multilingual | 103 MB

    Whether inkjet, digital printing press or proof printer, with print 5 you get the basICColor profiling solution which supports all RGB and CMYK printers. One of the most critical selections in achieving accurate CMYK separations, and profile building, is a concept called "black generation".

    Achieve professional quality results with the intelligent 'auto' mode, or choose from an extensive list of profile preferences and parameters to manage the details yourself. Integrated into basICColor catch and with automatic measurement data correction, creating a perfect ICC profile for your printer is easy as pie! basICColor print 5 profiling software provides discriminating accuracy for color professionals! It also optimizes ink reduction for improved profitability.

    Detailed Configuration

    basICColor print 5 supports highly customizable color separation, with specific options for a diverse range of printing technologies. It also offers a user defined modification to the perceptual rendering intent, so that images convert with highest quality results.

    Batch Processing

    Whether deriving several variations of profile builds from a single set of measurement data, or an array of profiles from separate measurements, batch processing with basICColor print 5 automation frees the user to multitask with other responsibilities.


    basICColor print 5 is seamlessly integrated into our measuring software basICColor catch. The other basICColor catch modules allow for quality control and statistical analysis of your proofs or prints.


    Easy to use with presets and drag and drop

    Batch and multi-target profiling

    Integration of basICColor catch

    Creates CMYK, RGB and grayscale profiles

    Creates v2 or v4 ICC profiles

    Detects and automatically sets the optimum ink limit and the best TAC

    Various gamut mapping strategies (Standard, Blackpoint Compensation, Absolute Compression, Minimal Compression or based on reference profile)

    Infinitely adjustable gamut compression

    Infinitely adjustable correction for optical brightener

    Integrated profile optimization

    Stores the ICC profiles automatically either in the system folder or in a freely definable folder (eg. RIP)

    Supports all measurement files (ISO format)

    Support for any CMYK profiling target (eg. ECI2002 or IT8.7/4)

    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 (32u. 64-Bit)

    1GB RAM, 1GB Available Disk Space

    Graphic Card Supporting 1280x1024 Pixel and 24 Bit Color Depth


    optional: basICColor catch QC, spoTTuner, Match Patch




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