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    Future Ops Online Premium 1.4.30

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    Game Servers
    40 Player Limit per Server.
    TDM, CTP, Survival MMO and Co-op game modes.
    Co-op, Competitive and Free For All Multiplayer.
    Air Vehicles.

    Dedicated Voice Servers:
    8 Player Limit per Voice Group
    - Join voice chat servers any time, even without joining a game server.
    Join clan member's and other player's voice servers from their profile.

    250 Player Limit per Clan.
    Create, Invite, Kick, Apply to Clan, Deny Applications
    - Clan Ranks with Promote / Demote
    - Clan Game Servers & Clan Voice Servers with Kick / Ban based on Clan Rank.
    Clan Profiles

    Statistics 5
    454,977 downloads from the Google Play Store, Over 500,000 Total on all platforms.
    225,163 registered accounts.
    5,000+ unique players per Day (Week Day Average).
    7,000+ unique players per Day (Weekend Average).
    8,961 clans created.

    Premium users get to test new features first, free users receive those features soon after.

    A Multiplayer First Person Shooter with up to 40 Players per server in Survival MMO, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Point and Co-op game modes.

    Air Vehicles allow you to play multiplayer Mobile FPS games like never before.

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