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    برنامج تصميم كتب ePub

    iPubsoft ePub Designer 2.1.10

    iPubsoft ePub Designer 2.1.10 -- 6.4 Mb

    ePub is an open standard for creating and distributing digital publications, especially e-books. As we know, ePub is reflowable, which means it can be adapted to different devices as need. But, for more modifications of the ePub files, a helpful ePub editing software is undoubtedly a necessity. iPubsoft ePub Designer is rightly such a tool that emerges at the right moment. This specific tool makes it possible for users to make WYSIWYG and code-based editing of ePub files with ease.

    Both WYSIWYG and code-based editing of EPUB files are available.

    Full support for all metadata entries so as to modify/add ePub meta data conveniently.

    Complete control over directly editing EPUB syntax in code view as need.

    Enables to insert images or illustrations, and copy and paste text to ePub with ease



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