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    برنامج تحويل ملفات PDF الى صفحات HTML لاستخدمها بالمواقع

    PDF to HTML 4.0 Build 024

    PDF to HTML 40 Build 024 | 15 MB

    Convert PDF files to HTML file format, employ batch actions, save the converted files in the source directory or custom one, and open the output files via your default web browser

    Сonverts PDF files to HTML web pages in batch mode:

    Friendly interface, small, accurate, and fast

    Working without Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

    Retains original text, images, format and layout in output files

    Converts all pages of a PDF into ONE HTML web page

    Supports converting the PDF files that have some restrictions, such as "Content Copying", "Saving as Text", "Page Extraction" are not allowed

    Supports Command Line Interface (CLI)



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