برنامج WinPDFEditor v3.6.3.4 لتعديل وتحويل ملفات PDF

OCR, Scan, Edit, Convert PDF, PowerPoint and DOC

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    WinPDFEditor v3.6.3.4

    برنامج تحرير وتحويل ملفات PDF

    Win PDF Editor is a Windows PDF editing software product that

    lets you modify and edit PDF documents like adding text

    insert images, removing unwanted content, drawing lines and

    rotating PDF pages. If you write text on the PDF, you can

    change the text font, size, color and move it to anywhere you

    want on the page. After inserting an image into PDF, you can

    resize the image and move it also. If you find some words or

    images need to be removed, simply use the eraser tool to

    erase. Better than other PDF Reader applications, Win PDF

    Editor can permanently save the edited PDF content changes in





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