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    برنامج سهل وبسيط لصناعة الكتب الالكترونية المصورة بثلاثة ضغطات فقط بحسب الشركة طبعا

    اختار شكل الكتاب واختار الصور ثم اختار المعلمات وانتهى!

    DgFlick Book Xpress Pro Multilingual + Portable

    DgFlick Book Xpress Pro Multilingual + Portable | 259.3/175 MB

    Three click book creation Select Book – Select Photos – Define parameters and get the book preview. Start with the defining the book size and type you want to design. Choose the ready presets of book sizes like center pinning, perfectbind, photopaper and wirobind in ready or personalized cover and also in different paper types or create new one.

    Smart Book

    Smartest Way of designing Book

    One Full Size Photo per Page

    Photos are Important

    Photos automatically gets Fit in any Size Book without Squeezing or Stretching

    Grid Book

    Different Grid layouts for Different size books

    Photo gets fit in any Grid Size

    Squeezing or Stretching

    Select photo per page and the grid is auto formed as per photo selection and size of the book

    Perfect Book

    What is need to be together, always together

    Books which narrates stories of the events

    Suitable for Event Photos

    No Squeezing or Stretching

    Easy Book

    Varieties of layouts available to choose one of your choice

    Theme, layout and photos of your choice and photo book is ready

    Photos fitted in chosen layout automatically

    No Squeezing or Stretching

    Creative Book

    Every page with a different layout

    Layouts of your choice

    Auto Fitting of photos in chosen layouts

    No Squeezing or Stretching

    Traditional Book

    Book for those who love to see their photos in traditional sizes

    Photos fits in 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 6 x 8

    Selection of photo size and layout is in your hand

    Variety of layouts for each traditional photo size

    Photo gets fit in any traditional Size without Squeezing or Stretching

    Catalogue Book

    Auto formation of grids

    Layouts are chosen as per you choose no of photos per page and size of the book chosen

    Photo gets fit in any layout

    Includes title with every Photograph

    No Squeezing or Stretching

    New User Interface and Themes

    Book Xpress have new look for users. The theme of interface can be changed in a single click with the available theme option.

    Get photos from Bluetooth or Facebook

    Book Xpress have a special feature of photo import. It has a Bluetooth option by which you can add photo in software if your systems have Bluetooth then. User can also login to their Facebook account & can download the photos to design auto books.

    Advance Photo Manager

    Book Xpress is loaded with new photo manager through which user can select the photo in thumbnails, list, Filmstrip or in Full view mode. Photo manager have option of batch rename, batch Edit or Batch rotate which can be used on single photo also. Sort photos with various parameters provided. You can even sort photos manually.

    Themes, Layouts & Decors

    1700+ layout which can be used for designing. Themes & Layouts can be dragged & dropped on either Left or Right Individual Pages it allow you to make huge number of combinations. Same backgrounds, Borders, ClipArt’s can be get used in multiple ready to use tones. Apply to all Pages option for Theme, Layout & Background helps you to design the pages in fastest way.

    Page Composition

    Easy to use interface which helps you to design the pages much faster, lock-unlock the photo by clicking on lock button, you can swap photos with each other, Rotate them, Resize photo with or without frame, if you want you can resize only frame. No compromise with photo not the single pixel of photo gets cut, through this you can easily adjust the frame or mask on the photo. Same way rotation can be done with border or within border.

    Save & Export or Share On Facebook

    Project created through Book Xpress can be saved along with the used photos & decors, so the project can be transferred from one PC to another or can be kept as backup, Print file name option allow you to choose whether to add the file name on the book pages or not. You can split the spread pages by selecting split option. Get the output of project in Jpeg, PDF as well as in Layered PDF so color correction on any photo is possible, you can also share the book designed by you on Facebook with Facebook option without browser.

    System Requirements:

    Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz Processor and above

    1GB RAM (2GB Recommended)

    1GB free disk space

    Microsoft Windows XP (service pack 2) and above




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