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    برنامج تعديل ملفات الكتب الالكترونية DjVu وبحسب الشركة ان البرنامج يتعامل مع اكثر من 100 لغة ولا اعرف ان كان من بينهم اللغة العربية

    DjVu Editor 6.0 Pro

    Language: English + Russian

    Description: Document Express with DjVu - a group of applications to create, manage, record, and distribute files in a format DjVu. Document Express Editor - one of the most popular programs for creating and viewing DjVu-documents on your computer.

    Consider briefly the main features of it, and briefly describe the principle of creating a DjVu-documents.

    The Document Express Editor, you can open and convert files to these formats:

    DjVu (* .djvu, * .djv), BMP (* .bmp), GIF (* .gif), JPEG (* .jpeg, * .jpg), PNM (* .pnm, * .ppm, * .pgm, * .pbm), TIFF (* .tiff, * .tif), PICT (* .pict).

    To create a DjVu-file you want to scan a page (menu "File" -> "Scan") or open a ready-made image in a supported format (menu "File" -> "Open"). If the document is to be a multi, then using the menu "Edit"> "Add page to ..." or "Edit"> "Add a page after ..." insert into your document before or after the open image the rest of the image.

    Then, using the "File" -> "Save As ..." to save the document in the format DjVu.

    When you save a file, the program prompts you to select options: whether to recognize the text; profile; resolution (from 100 to 600 dpi); quality of the text (5 levels from "aggressive", ie with a significant loss to the "no loss"), save the images separately or all in one file.

    The so-called profile - it is also setting the user selects the type of document, and the software automatically adapts to the type of image.

    Total 7 profiles available:

    1. "Normal" - for most of scanned paper documents

    2. "E" - for bitmaps electronic origin, such as screenshots etc.

    3. "Picture" - for photos. The function OCR does not work, so the search function and copy the text to create a document is not going to work.

    4. "bitonal" - for black and white images

    5. "manuscript" - for old manuscripts or books without drawings or photographs

    6. "Picture" - similar to the "manuscript", but with the support of drawings and photographs

    7. "Map" - similar to the "Picture", but with better support inverted text

    These settings are generally really possible to achieve a satisfactory result. Once the settings are, you need to select a location on your local disk and save the file in the format DjVu.

    After saving the added ability to highlight the field in the document, insert inside (for the document itself) and external hyperlinks, etc. Also if you create DjVu-document has not been set OCR, it can be done later. Document Express Editor 6.0.1 is able to detect about 100 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

    In general, the need to add a text OCR-layer to create DjVu-documents is debatable. Besides the fact that the OCR procedure takes considerable time, OCR-layer increases DjVu-resolution file. However, the text layer is very convenient for the further work with the e-book. Firstly, it is possible to copy the desired text for further processing; Second - search by keyword or phrase in the DjVu-document among the entire set of DjVu-documents on local drives and the network. The search function on the keyword is present in almost all DjVu-programs.

    Since many DjVu-documents contain a text OCR-layer, for some users the impression that they can be converted into the format DOC, or the like. However, the format DjVu - a graphic, not text format. So directly convert DjVu-format document in "Word-processor" - the editor of this can not be. DjVu-file can contain a built-in OCR-layer - simple text without any formatting. Using the clipboard the text layer can be transferred to a text editor and manually format.


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