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    برنامج تحويل صيغة ملفات PDF الى انواع متعددة اخرى

    Coolutils Total PDF Converter v5.1.40 Final + Portable

    Total PDF Converter converts PDF to Doc, Excel, HTML, Text, CSV or images (TIFF, JPEG). The advantage of this utility is that Total PDF Sonverter
    It transforms as a separate file, and a lot of PDF files at a time. You no longer need the expensive Adobe Acrobat, our converter will save you money. Register for the command line to work more effectively with the utility.
    Total PDF Converter retains the conversion settings. This saves you time if you frequently convert PDF files with the same parameters. Converter enables rename final files starting with any number (e.g., 6789, not only 1234).
    Total PDF Converter supports a variety of paper sizes and DPI to Tiff faylov.Eto allows you to change the file quality of the final fever. Choose 75, 150, or 300 DPI or its value! The paper size can be A3, A4, A5, B4, B5 and Letter.
    If you convert multi-page PDF file to HTML, Total PDF Converter can convert each pdf page into a separate html document.
    PDF Converter has a unique feature, saving Adobe files as images in the format of jpeg. If you are the happy owner of Sony PSP, imagine the following. You will be able to read pdf files on the TV so as you like - pages can be placed horizontally, vertically, even diagonally, one or more pages on the screen at the same time.

    Key Features:

    Convert PDF to Doc, Excel, HTML, Text, or CSV
    The ability to convert PDF to the following image formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, WMF, EMF and EPS
    Convert multiple files at the same time
    It does not require the use of Adobe Acrobat
    Supports PDF, written in multi-byte languages
    It preserves the structure of the original document
    Extremely easy to use

    PHP Code:

    list of supported conversions
    PDF Converter
    PDF to HTML
    PDF to XHTML
    PDF to Doc
    PDF to RTF
    PDF to XLS
    PDF to JPEG
    PDF to TIFF
    PDF to TXT
    PDF to Text
    PDF to CSV
    PDF to BMP
    PDF to GIF
    PDF to PNG
    PDF to EMF
    PDF to WMF
    PDF to PCL
    EPS Converter
    EPS to HTML
    EPS to XHTML
    EPS to Doc
    EPS to RTF
    EPS to XLS
    EPS to JPEG
    EPS to TIFF
    EPS to TXT
    EPS to Text
    EPS to CSV
    EPS to BMP
    EPS to GIF
    EPS to PNG
    EPS to EMF
    EPS to WMF
    EPS to PCL
    PS Converter
    PS to HTML
    PS to XHTML
    PS to Doc
    PS to RTF
    PS to XLS
    PS to JPEG
    PS to TIFF
    PS to TXT
    PS to Text
    PS to CSV
    PS to BMP
    PS to GIF
    PS to PNG
    PS to EMF
    PS to WMF
    PS to PCL
    PRN Converter
    PRN to HTML
    PRN to XHTML
    PRN to Doc
    PRN to RTF
    PRN to XLS
    PRN to JPEG
    PRN to TIFF
    PRN to TXT
    PRN to Text
    PRN to CSV
    PRN to BMP
    PRN to GIF
    PRN to PNG
    PRN to EMF
    PRN to WMF
    PRN to PCL 

    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System


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