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    برنامج PowerPoint Converter لتحويل مقدمات وعروض البور بوينت الى فلاش Presentation to Flash / PowerPoint to Flash

    يبدو ان البرنامج قديم وهو يعمل كفلتر لبرنامج مايكروسوفت بوربوينت والله أعلم

    عموما الاحتمال وارد أن لايعمل البرنامج على الأوفيس الحديث ولكم حرية التجربة لمن يريد البرنامج


    PresentationPro PowerCONVERTER v4.0.336

    PowerCONVERTER was created to make the process of

    distributing PowerPoint presentations faster and easier.

    It’s a PowerPoint plug-in that quickly converts your

    presentations to the Macromedia Flash format. The converted

    Flash file is smaller, secure, and in a streaming media

    format that’s ideal for posting presentations to websites,

    intranets or for creating self-running CD-ROMs. And with

    our EmailPRESENTER and OnlinePRESENTER products, you can

    take that same converted presentation and imbed it in

    emails and remotely present it via a web conference.

    That means your big bulky PowerPoint can now stream around

    the internet much faster. It also means that anybody that

    can create a PowerPoint file--is now a Flash author.

    Key Features:

    Reduces File Size – Dramatically reduces the file size of

    PowerPoint up to 97% by converting it into the universal

    Flash format.

    Secure – Converted file is secure from viruses and cannot

    be altered or copied.

    Easy Viewing - Once converted to Flash, the presentation

    can be easily viewed in any Internet browser. Over 98% of

    all browsers have Flash, your viewers will not be required

    to download or install any special software.

    Streaming - Flash files use streaming technology enabling

    your viewers to start quickly

    viewing your presentation without waiting for the entire

    presentation to load and play. Viewers can click through

    the presentation without experiencing long load time or lag

    time between slides.

    Save as .SWF - The PowerCONVERTER saves your presentation

    in a streaming flash format for web site posting for fast

    streaming viewing.

    Save as .EXE - Save your presentation as a self-contained

    .EXE file. The .EXE format includes the converted

    presentation and the Flash viewer so that your recipients

    will not need PowerPoint or any other software to view your

    presentation. You can now easily and freely distribute your

    smaller, converted PowerPoint on self-running CD-ROM

    Additional Features: One-to-one conversion - Converted

    files retain nearly all of the original features of your

    PowerPoint :

    Graphic animations

    Slide transitions

    Screen builds

    Text animations

    Auto-play of presentation

    Hyperlinks(internal and external)

    Audio linked files, embedded narration, and background



    XP animations supported Click here

    MP3 Audio - The PowerCONVERTER’s powerful built in MP3

    conversion enables you to dramatically reduce the size of

    your sound files for fast and effective delivery of

    multimedia on the web or via CD-ROM

    Slide Navigation - User customizable navigation and slide

    counter enables you to guide the audience through your


    Plug-in - The PowerCONVERTER is accessible within

    PowerPoint as a button on your toolbar that allows for

    quick, easy presentation conversion.

    Unlimited Conversions – There is no limit to the number of

    presentations that can be converted with the


    Free upgrades - You will be automatically notified and

    receive them free of charge.

    Easy to Use: The process to convert your PowerPoint

    presentations to flash in seconds is extremely simple...

    Open your PowerPoint presentation

    Click on the PowerCONVERTER button

    Preview your converted Flash file

    Save as .EXE for CD-Rom or .SWF for website publishing




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