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    eFlip Lite 4.1.10

    eFlip Lite 4.1.10 -- 55.7 MB

    eFLip Lite is a unique professional and flexible tool for converting Image, RTF Text in flip page format. Simply import your magazine, flipbook, catalog and brochure, and create a multi-media, flip-through publication in minutes. We offer the only cross-platform tool for media professionals, marketers, publishers, media agencies, web designers and marketing departments by being quick, easy, and very convenient to use. Create, design, customize, publish, and distribute your own or your client's magazine, brochure, catalog and other documents - online/offline, on smartphones, tablets and on Facebook pages.

    Key Features

    1. Import RTF&Image

    Browse and open your object RTF and image files, turn to flash book

    Set page ranges of RTF Text and Image to import and convert, from all pages to custom range

    Set page quality and size, contains five levels

    Import Links, Bookmark to converted flipbook

    Enable Search, import content of your ebook together and enable users to search keywords directly

    Detect wide pages, cut landscape pages into two portrait pages to spread in flip book.

    Publish Options

    FlipBook for online or Offline, depend on the output types you select.

    HTML option check it to make online Flash Flip book

    EXE option build execute program with detail company info

    APP option App Flipbook support for viewing on Mac

    ZIP option Offline file easy for email sharing

    FBR option support for read on Free Flip Reader, easily and quickly

    Achieve to take along any time, any place after burn on CD

    Output mobile version HTML5 flipbooks to view in the browser of iPhone, iPad and Android directly

    To FTP Server Publish the designed book to your FTP directly

    Screen Saver Set the designed flipbook as your computer screensaver

    Email to Send your designed flipbook to people directly via email.

    Online Service

    Upload Online unlimited publishing book to online without FTP 3GB of online storage space for Free host your 100+ eBooks and securely

    Manage Online share online book link to email, social network. And edit the online book info easily, including title, description etc.

    ToolBar Button Settings

    Brand Flip book with Logo and Link

    Search function enabled

    Share eBook url via email

    Support sharing flipbook to social networks

    Insert background sound in flipbook to enhance presentation easily

    Enable viewer to download and print your flash flip book

    Write help info to show in Help Window, like how to read flip book, etc

    Flexible zoom options have been added mousewheel zoom, double-click zoom, click flipbook buttons to zoom etc Mini mode supported

    Link to Google analytics tool by input Google Analytics ID to know page visiting data

    Enable readers to play flip book without action with using auto flip reading mode

    Set different languages to use for tips of buttons, also can allow users to switch between different languages

    Set different page number types Roman number for catalogue, Arabic for main body

    Add Annotations to explain the professional nouns.

    FlipBook Design Tools

    Lots of Built In Templates, Themes, Background Images and Scenes

    Online Templates, Themes, Background Images and Scenes for you to install

    Full Independent designs your unique Theme, Scenes and Background Image for later use

    Set background color with different gradient angle, from color A to color B

    Input beautiful image or your company’s special background file to professional your flip book

    Set the toolbar, button, font color

    Define Thumbnail style

    Provide hard cover effect

    Read FlipBook from right to left

    Set preloader

    Use minime style to show e-books without toolbar or other buttons in small window

    Adjust page shadow position and size

    Change book proportions and book margins factor, for coordinate flip book’s background

    Hide book frame bar, only display flip book

    Support Setting flipping speed

    Set Page Thickness.

    FlipBook Security settings

    You can set your personal password for all pages or exclude front pages to protect your e-books against unauthorized access

    Add Text, Logo, or Image watermark to protect your copyright.

    OS Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

    Language English


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