Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.5.11490

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    • Sep 2018
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    Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.5.11490

    CHEMCAD is a software package for modeling and calculating technological schemes with recycled flows of organic and inorganic substances and continuous mixtures (in the case of oil fractions), as well as energy flows. CHEMCAD allows you to create, analyze and optimize various options for technological design of production processes, evaluate their effectiveness and choose the best one. The complex of studies using CHEMCAD makes it possible to achieve a satisfactory coincidence of the results of calculations with the data of industrial experiments, which allows to solve problems of automatic process control and increase the efficiency of existing production, determine the optimal operational and structural parameters of the processes in individual devices from the standpoint of the entire production.

    Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.5.11490


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