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    برنامج لمقارنة الكتب الالكترونية او ملفات PDF من خلال استعراض صفحات مختلفة للمقارنة بينها


    DiffPDF 5.6.4

    DiffPDF 5.6.4 (x86/x64) -- 47.4 Mb

    DiffPDF is a Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application for comparing two PDF files. DiffPDF shows pairs of pages from the two PDFs being compared with any differences highlighted. Comparisons can be made based on the text regardless of layout, or based on appearance (which accounts for fonts, colors, layout, diagrams, images, etc.)

    DiffPDF is useful for anyone who needs to compare PDF documents, reports, books, or labels—for example, archivists, engineers, journalists, packagers, publishers, researchers, software testers, and translators. DiffPDF is used in a wide range of contexts, from book authors to banks, insurance companies, and Government



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