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    AX64 Time Machine

    AX64 Time Machine is a handy and reliable application designed to create backups of your current computer state, which can be later restored in case of crashes. With AX64 Time Machine, you will be able to quickly return to an earlier computer state. It's useful in case of disk failures or even virus infections.

    AX64 Time Machine is extremely easy to setup, offers fast single-click manual backups, as well as continuous protection with automatic backups. That makes it perfect for inexperienced users, who need to fully protect their PCs with minimum effort.

    The program saves backups as "images", i.e. the exact copies of entire drive, including all user files, programs, settings and operating system. "Imaging" backup has important advantages:

    Allows to recover from virtually any disaster (including system crashes, virus infections, disk failures, etc)

    Saves the users from worrying about which files to select for backup, and how to restore the entire system

    Advanced PC users, on top of the ultimate PC protection, will find the unmatched speed of AX64 Time Machine useful for using the program as a "snapshotting" tool. Examples:

    The user can take a quick backup, install any program to try, then when done, promptly revert the system to the previous state in seconds, effectively making the program a 100% clean uninstaller.

    The user may suspect that recent Windows update broke particular software. Time Machine allows to quickly revert the system to "no updates" state, install the software there, check it, and then revert back to "updated" state and continue the work.

    Advanced backup browsing feature allows to instantly switch between snapshots and quickly find and recover previous versions of files or folders.

    Here are some key features of "AX64 Time Machine":

    · Backup system drive

    · Go backwards / forwards to a state

    · High backup speed

    · Backup manually or automatically

    OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. (32 and 64 bit)

    Language : English

    Home Page - ax64.com

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