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    تجميعة برامج اكرونيس خمسة بواحد وتم حذف ملفات اللغة الروسية لتخفيف الحجم بقي Advanced Server فقط باللغة الروسية

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    Acronis BootUSB 5in1 v1.01 by zdanovych

    Software Version: 1.01

    Official website: Acronis Official Site

    Language: Russian, English

    Treatment: not required

    Type of medicine: not required

    System requirements:

    OS: Windows XP -- Vista -- 7 -- 8 / 8.1 -- 10 -- 2003 / R2 -- 2008 / R2 -- 2012 / R2

    Processor: Pentium processor with a clock speed of at least 1 GHz

    RAM: 512 MB RAM

    Drive: USB flash drive 1Gb (one of the languages ​​of your choice)


    Acronis BootUSB - bootable USB, which contains a suite for servers and workstations, including the latest available version of the software for backup, allowing you to create exact disk images and separate its areas of system recovery, partition management: create, transfer, merger, division, , formatting, etc.

    True Image 2016 v19.0.6027

    True Image 2016 v19.0.6027 x64

    Disk Director 12.0.3270

    Disk Director 12.0.3270 x64

    Disk Director Advanced Server 11.0.12077 RU

    Acronis Backup Server 11.5.43994

    Acronis Backup Server 11.5.43994 x64

    Universal Restore 2016 v11.5 Build 40010

    Universal Restore 2016 v11.5 Build 40010 x64

    Boot version: Grub4Dos 0.4.6A

    شرح كيفية نسخ البرامج على الفلاشة يرجى الاطلاع قبل التحميل

    كود PHP:

    Format the USB drive to NTFS using the standard utility Windows, copy the contents of a folder (the folder EN - English version) in the root of your USB flash drive. Option with both language versions of the same media does not.

    Start BOOTICEx86.exe with USB support.
    1. Process MBR:
    BootICE> Select your USB flash drive> Process MBR> Windows NT 5.x / 6.x MBR> Install / Config> Windows NT 6.x MBR> OK> Close.
    2. Process PBR:
    BootICE> Process PBR> Grub4Dos 0.4.5s / 0.4.6a> Install / Config> Version 0.4.6a> OK> OK> Close
    3. Make partition active
    BootICE> parts Manage> Select your USB flash drive> Activate> OK> OK> Close> Exit

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