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    برنامج لعمل نسخة احتياطية كاملة للمفات وقابلة للتعديل وميزة النسخ التلقائي المؤقت بالخلفية وتخفيض حجم الملفات الى 50% من حجمها الأصلي وامكانية انشاء الاقراص لنسخ الملفات التي تتم استعادتها والنسخ الكامل لمحركات الأقراص


    Ocster 1-Click Backup 2.08

    Applications for backup software in Windows. Do not worry about losing your files and miss things along the way. You can directly access your files in the backup or restore you to complete them. This software has the capability to hold multiple files in different date also is capable of.

    In addition to the above can be used for this application stating the following features:

    o- The full backup of your data

    o- Adjustable with one click

    o- Backup automatically and in the background

    o- Without causing damage in your normal work

    o- A reduction of 50 percent by volume backups

    o- Restore the personal files

    o- Restore partition and hard disk

    o- Ability to create recovery discs returned

    o- Backup as a full backup of your drives

    o- Fast data compression

    o- Use VMDK format for use in other software files


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