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    برنامج الباكب التلقائي للملفات ويقوم البرنامج باجراء عملية النسخ الاحتياطي عند ادخال فلاشة الـ USB بالكمبيوتر فورا وتلقائيا مع امكانية وضع كلمة مرور على ملف الباكب الموجود على الفلاشة لمنع الوصول لملفاتك بدون علمك او بدون اذن وتصريح

    Abelssoft Backup 2016 Pro v7.0.0

    Abelssoft Backup 2016 Pro v7.0.0 | 12.8 MB

    Easy Backup: Abelssoft Backup reliably saves your work and data. Define what for data you want to be saved only once. Abelssoft Backup will keep your backups up to date automatically.

    Abelssoft Backup saves your data reliably

    Create a backup

    Select the files to backup, and a title for the backup jop. The most common file types are already available in a pre-selection.


    You determine when an automatic backup should occur. Which can e.g. be a specific time interval or when Abelssoft Backup automatically detects when you connect a USB drive.

    Password protection

    You can prevent unauthorized access to your backups with a password.

    Easy restore

    Restore easily your backups if you need it. Choose which version of your backed up files you want to restore and go for it. That's it.

    Backup all files

    Abelssoft Backup can also backup locked files.

    Emergency backup

    Abelssoft Backup supports the 1:1 drive images backups ("Images". With these Images, you can restore your entire PC)


    Abelssoft Backup has a high-speed solution for backups: With up to 90MB per seconds.



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