برنامج فك كلمة السر عن ملفات PDF بسهولة PDF Password Remover v5.0

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    PDF Password Remover v5.0

    وهذه بعد تجربتي بمسح الباسورد


    No need to install,

    No need to put serials and cracks to get the full version, (already done it for you).

    No unnecessary registry changes,

    No boring installation of tool-bars in your browser,

    You can even run this torrent from USB-Stick.

    This makes a '1-click run' version a better version.

    Remove PDF Password and Restrictions in Seconds

    PDF Password Remover is a small application to decrypt PDF file with owner/master password. It can directly remove PDF restrictions on editing, copying, printing and more. And it can also used to remove PDF user/open password if you have the correct password.

    Small yet efficient PDF security remover.

    Remove PDF restrictions on editing, copying, printing, etc.

    Remove open password from PDF with the right password.

    Instantly remove PDF password and restrictions in seconds.

    Support all versions of Adobe Acrobat, including Acrobat X.

    Very easy to use with simple and intuitive GUI interface.

    Key Features

    Remove PDF Password and Restrictions

    Directly remove restrictions on editing, copying, printing and more from secure PDF files. No original passwords required.

    Able to remove PDF user/open password if you have the correct password.

    Support PDF files protected with all versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (including Acrobat X) using different (RC4, AES) encryption methods.

    Instant and Easy to Use for Everyone

    PDF password and restrictions can be removed in seconds, no matter how long and complicated the password is.

    100% security is guaranteed. No any damage or loss.

    2 simple steps: Import PDF files-> Remove password from PDF.

    Support batch decrypting and decrypt large PDF files in seconds.

    More about PDF Password

    There are 2 kinds of PDF passwords: PDF user password and PDF owner password.

    PDF User Password, also known as open password, protects your PDF files from opening.

    PDF Owner Password, also known as permissions /master password, restricts you of printing, editing or copying


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