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    Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 5.10

    Description: Accent OFFICE Password Recovery - effectively restores and removes the lost passwords in Microsoft Office documents and all versions of LibreOffice. It works up to 40 times faster when using the ATI or NVIDIA.

    Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports all versions of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice formats and equally successfully recovers passwords for documents created in various years.

    Unique optimization of executable code of the program takes into account the features and strengths of Intel and AMD processors, and allows you to reach a maximum speed when searching for passwords on any computer.

    Accent OFFICE Password Recovery uses ATI and NVIDIA video cards and increases search speed up to 40 times * on each graphics card. GPU computing technology is used to recover the passwords to open MS Office 2007/2010 documents and OpenOffice all versions.

    The power of modern graphics cards gives an incredible performance boost, and their flexibility, scalability and low cost make Accent OFFICE Password Recovery optimal solution for finding lost passwords



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