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    Six Sigma Control Plan Dashboard Excel Template

    Six Sigma Control Plan is one of the best methods for documenting the functional elements of quality control that are
    to be implemented in order to assure that quality standard are met for a particular product or service. The aim of this
    control plan is to formalize & documentation of the system of control that will be utilized.

    Most of the time, the six sigma control plan may include other items like the frequency with which the process is
    reviewed, verification that the measurement system is capable, typical corrective actions must be taken in the presence
    of out of control conditions, any requirements for special inspection St history of the process capability measures.

    This six sigma control plan is a basic document for quality engineering. One should be able to review the control plan St
    quickly understand the elements of quality assurance being utilized.

    Remember this example is a manufacturing example. The technique can be applied to any process (eg, services
    industry, back-office St transactional processes). The team should use a six sigma control plan to be sure that the
    process does not go back into the ways of the old process.

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