ISA server tools pack

TrafficQuota is a bandwidth and quota management solution for Microsoft ISA Server With TrafficQuota you can restrict user?s access to the Internet depending on a volume of downloaded or uploaded data, define a maximum bandwidth (speed) consumed by user, view traffic usage statistics using various reports
For example, user 'John' is allowed to download 500 MB a month, and after this he is denied access to the Internet User 'Jane' is assigned a quote of 10 MB per day; if she goes over the 10 MB limit, she is denied further access to the Internet on that day

Key Features

Compatible with all ISA Server versions (2000, 2004, 2006)
Supports ISA Server arrays
Supports Active Directory
Supports Proxy, Firewall and SecureNAT clients
Reliable and fast in the networks with thousands and tens of thousands of users
Consumes low CPU and memory resources
Effective usage of multiple processors
Controls all possible protocols (not http/ftp only)
Closely integrated with ISA Management console
Remote management
Bandwidth shaping (possibility to set speed limits for users and computers)
Quotas and bandwidth rules can be set for users, groups, computers and computer sets
Possibility to set daily, weekly and monthly quotas simultaneously
Powerful report system with full-featured visual designer, export to HTML/RTF/PDF formats, etc
Real-time web statistics
Terminates user's connections immediately when traffic exceeds a quota
The user is notified when his/her traffic exceeds a quota
Supports NTLM, Kerberos and Basic authentication for a web statistics pages
Reports and web statistics can be displayed on different laguages (English and Russian translations included)
Contains many predefined reports
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لدعم قناة وسام الحمد على اليوتيوب

Integrated with popular firewall systems (ISA server , WinRoute,WinProxy, etc.), Netfee can do Usage Analysis, Reporting, and Performance management. It is a network software solution for managing Internet access. It consists of a Analysis module, charge module and reporting module
Netfee Analysis the firewall's log files, then write the result into database. The administrator can monitor the Internet useage (Bytes,Time,URLs etc ) of every user at realtime by querying the database. And base on the usage of Bytes and time, Netfee can calculate the user's fee to pay

And Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory Service, Netfee supports managing of users and departments fully

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ISA server tools pack

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