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Ultra PC Cleanerعملاق شامل تنظيف تسريع جدير بالاستعمال

Ultra PC Cleanerعملاق شامل تنظيف تسريع جدير بالاستعمال

Ultra Cleanerعملاق تنظيف تسريع بالاستعمال
Ultra PC Cleaner
Fix PC problems. Avoids system errors and PC crashes by identifying and cleaning up problem files. Speed up your System Removes hidden files that do nothing but take up space and slow down your system.
- Clean Trash on your Computer
Most computers have close to a gigabyte of trash hiding on them. That is precious hard drive space that could be serving a more useful purpose. Find out how much trash there is on your computer by downloading and trying the trial version.
- Free Updates
All future updates are free.
- Three Ways to Clean
The main scan of A1Cleaner can be done in one of three ways:
- Clean PC
With one click of the Clean PC button, A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner goes through 45 processes to safely find and remove clutter on your computer. These processes find useless, outdated files which Windows and other programs love to hoard. a
- Remove Tracks
With the click of the Remove Tracks button, A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner utilizes 25 processes of the latest technology to find Windows' secret records of your activity and remove them. This prevents others from spying on you. Some of these processes have yet to be discovered by other software. Please be aware that some of these processes may remove wanted features, so only use to remove your tracks.


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