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تصفح النت وانت IP مخفي

تصفح النت وانت IP مخفي

السلام عليكم

Steganos Internet Anonym 7 is designed for Internet users who want to surf anonymously. Besides continuing its primary function of hiding Web surfersЎЇ real IP addresses from Web site operators and marketers, the software offers the following new features and enhancements: higher connection speeds; faster Web surfing; and free, automatic product updates. Other features of Steganos Internet Anonym 7 include the ability to change camouflage identities every second; the elimination of pop-up ads, ActiveX dialers and other dangerous Web content; an encrypted favorites list, which protects usersЎЇ favorite Web sites through a password-protected system; a built-in Internet Explorer Plug-In, which enables direct and easy access to all software functions; and a map of the world, which permits users to view the constantly changing locations of the worldwide proxy servers masking their real IP address.

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