Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom In A Book لعشاق الفوتوشوب

Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom In A Book لعشاق الفوتوشوب

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Photoshop is one of those programs that's so cool you just want to dive right in and start creating--but by plunging in head-first* without any guidance* you're likely to miss a lot. There's a solution: With this book* you learn by doing* getting your feet wet immediately as you progress through a series of hands-on projects that build on your growing Photoshop knowledge. Simple step-by-step instructions* review questions at the end of each chapter* and a companion CD with all of the book's project files make learning a breeze as the Adobe Creative Team takes you on a self-paced tour of the image-editing powerhouse. Completely revised to cover all of Photoshop 7's new features (including a new file browser* nonsquare pixel support* Layer comps for creating design variations* and more)* the book starts with an introductory tour of the software and then progresses on through lessons on everything from Photoshop's interface to more complex topics like color management* Web graphics* and photo retouching.

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Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom In A Book
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book
Adobe Photoshop v7.0 Classroom in a Book

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