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WCF اختصار لكلمة Windows Communication Foundation

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Like all other things Programming models have been evolving, from Structured Programming to Object Oriented Programming to Componentization to eventually Service Orientation Architecture (SOA). Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the best to implement SOA in an enterprise application development. WCF encompasses all older technologies of Microsoft like Web Services, Remoting, MSMQ and COM+ into a single basket. And because of this advantage it has become very easy to upgrade applications from intranet to internet environment and make discrete technologies interoperate with each other.
Sandeep Soni, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in WCF has explained all the concepts in very simple and easy to understand language. Irrespective of whether you are a fresher or experienced developer you will find that each and every topic is going to create interest in you and will let you to move towards your target goal of developing SOA applications.
This WCF Training Course provides deep understanding of all the modules. The videos are supported with the excellent training materialwhich will help you to quickly overview the topics at any point of time. For every module we have walkthroughs and Sample programs which will help you to understand how to implement the feature in an application. Our WCF Interview questions section will provide you with an opportunity to assess your skills and revisit the videos in case you find some concepts you are weaker at.

?Who is the target audience
.Net Developers
Anyone who has good understanding of C# programming language

The subscriber must have in-depth knowledge of Object Orientation and C# programming language.

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(Deep Dive Into Windows Communication Foundation (WCF

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