Lynda - Revit 2019: Essential Training for Structure
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Lynda - Revit 2019: Essential Training for Structure

Lynda Revit 2019: Essential Training for Structure

Revit 2019 is a great program for structural engineering, offering cutting-edge tools for creating design alternatives, building simulations, and publishing clear, easy-to-share documentation. This course focuses on the major components of Revit used for structural design and is designed for the user who prefers to work in imperial units (inches and feet).

Starting with referencing an architectural model, learn how to add foundations, rebar, and framing; set up views and drawings; model slabs and trusses; and build a whole lot more. This course is designed for members with no Revit experience, or for more advanced users who want to jump to a topic and start from there. Either way, this comprehensive course can teach you what you need to know to be dangerous in Revit structure.

Topics include:
Linking architecture
Creating levels
Creating view templates
Adding steel columns
Creating foundations, with footings, piers, pilasters, and slabs
Designing retaining walls
Adding beam systems
Creating a slab floor
Reinforcing with rebar
Adding brace frames
Creating stairs and ramps
Detailing and annotating drawings
Creating schedules
Adding and attaching trusses
Plotting and sharing files
Adding a column support



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Lynda - Revit 2019: Essential Training for Structure

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