TecDoc Catalogue DVD Q4.2017 - 31.4GB
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اسطوانات كتالوج قطع غيار السيارات بكل أنواعها

أصدرت Tecalliance TecDoc كتالوج DVD Q4.2017 ، وهو كتالوج عالمي لقطع غيار السيارات مع شجرة البحث لقطع غيار السيارات وفقا لنماذج السيارات ، مع الأخذ بعين الاعتبار التعديلات المختلفة والمجموعات الكاملة ولا يتطلب معرفة VIN.

يوفر TecDoc DVD الميزات والأرقام التالية:

29 لغة متوفرة حاليا
قاعدة المركبات في جميع أنحاء العالم: 73،500 سيارة وأنواع المركبات التجارية 35000 و 7400 دراجة نارية
أكثر من 6 ملايين من المنتجات مع تقريبا. 210 مليون مركبة
عربة التسوق المتكاملة
عروض متعددة المستخدمين

TecDoc Catalogue DVD Q4.2017 - 31.4GB

TecDoc Catalogue DVD Q4.2017 31.4GB

About TecDoc Catalogue DVD. TecDoc offers current and comprehensive data for the identification and provision of parts in a standardised data format.

You can search by product groups for auto parts and assembly sites. Carries out search of autospare parts on any articles on original numbers and on numbers of manufacturers not the original.

Catalogue provides workshop professionals with comprehensive vehicle identification information and allows the appropriate selection of vehicle spare parts. Maintenance information and additional convenience functions, including VIN filters and a graphic search, complete the contents of the catalogue. We have collected and linked all workshop-relevant information for you on one platform.

TecDoc DVD offers the following features and figures:

29 languages are currently available
Worldwide vehicle base: 73,500 car types, 35,000 commercial vehicle types and 7,400 motorcycles
More than 6 million product articles with approx. 210 million vehicle links
Integrated shopping cart
Multi-user offers

TecDoc DVD comprises the following components:

The world's largest vehicle database with more than 108,000 unique vehicle types
6,000,000 standardised product descriptions and numerous images in 29 languages
Technical data for repairs and maintenance of cars and trucks
Advanced search options: via selection of vehicle manufacturer the model series, engine, axle, universal parts search, the typical parts search tree by component, and direct article search (through article, OEM, IAM, or Trade Number)
Vehicle identification by KBA number
Installation instructions
Indication of recommended retail prices

About TecAlliance GmbH. The expertise of TecDoc, TecCom, TecRMI and Headline is pooled under the umbrella of TecAlliance. TecAlliance is now a leading global industry solution for the automotive aftermarket. We set and are continuously developing the industry standard, which is making cooperation within the industry more efficient, effective and transparent. In a unique global alliance with the main players of the digital aftermarket and a strong partner network, we support the success of all participants in the digital aftermarket with our data, processes and services.

Our products and solutions optimise the day-to-day business in the international automotive spare parts market and enhance the competitiveness of our customers in the long term. We set market standards in the area of vehicle and product data, and in repair and maintenance information. The data are collected from manufacturers all over the world, processed according to the recognised "TecAlliance TecDoc Inside" standard, filtered in line with different information needs and distributed to the market. We use this data and information base to bring together workshops, dealers and the parts industry. Fleet and leasing companies and insurance providers benefit from the OE specifications when it comes to maintenance questions. In addition, we offer integrated solutions to improve communication and facilitate collaboration. At the end of the day it's all about speeding up processes and making information available quickly at all times for all participants in the digital aftermarket.

Product: TecDoc
Version: Catalogue DVD Q4.2017
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :tecalliance.net

Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 or newer / Server 2008 R1
Software Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2.
Size: 30.9 Gb


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TecDoc Catalogue DVD Q4.2017 - 31.4GB

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