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Altair HW FEKO + WinProp 2018.0.319328 Win64

Altair HW FEKO + WinProp 2018.0.319328 Win64

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Altair HW FEKO + WinProp 2018.0.319328 Win64

Altair WinProp 2018.0.319328 Win64

FEKO is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) software used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, aerospace and defense industries. FEKO offers several frequency and time domain EM solvers under a single license. Hybridization of these methods enables the efficient analysis of a broad spectrum of EM problems, including antennas, microstrip circuits, RF components and biomedical systems, the placement of antennas on electrically large structures, the calculation of scattering as well as the investigation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

FEKO also offers tools that are tailored to solve more challenging EM interactions, including dedicated solvers for characteristic mode analysis (CMA) and bi-directional cables coupling. Special formulations are also included for efficient simulation of integrated windscreen antennas and antenna arrays.

Combined with the MLFMM, and the true hybridization of the solvers, FEKO is considered the global market leader for antenna placement analysis.

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