ESI AquiferWin32 v5.03
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ESI AquiferWin32 v5.03

ESI AquiferWin32 v5.03

ESI AquiferWin32 v5.03
Aquifer test analysis is an integral part of groundwater modeling, supplying critical hydraulic parameters to the model or other basic groundwater calculations. Aquiferwin32 is a sophisticated Windows program that supports the analysis of aquifer tests, slug tests, and step tests. Multiple observation wells can be analyzed individually or as a group. AquiferWin32 also evaluates test data using the derivative method and can be used to simulate aquifer tests.

Key Features:

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Data Spreadsheet in Split Window
Site Map and Wells Displayed in Plan View
Generates Multi-Curve Type Curve Plots
Dockable Toolbars with Tool TipsTab Views Including Spreadsheet, Type Curve, and Map Views
Customizable Views - Text and Parameter Annotations, Legends, Symbols, Lines and Frames



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ESI AquiferWin32 v5.03

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