Revit Architecture Design Presentation Fundamentals
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Revit Architecture Design Presentation Fundamentals

Revit Architecture Design Presentation Fundamentals

This course covers tools and topics that are tailored to fit the documentation and presentation phase of the architectural design process.

AutoCAD and other 2D design applications have long been a vital part of the AEC world. These tools have provided the industry with precision and predictability. Material waste and workflow inefficiencies produced from working with 2D tools on 3D problems can be eliminated by with 3D tools and collaboration as early as possible in the design process. Fortunately, for the past several years the process of designing, documenting, and even constructing a building has been disrupted and refined with the concept of BIM, Building Information Modeling. This course is intended for the Architects, BIM Managers and CAD Technicians who are ready to use Revit as a Building Information Modeling platform. In this course, Revit Architecture Design Presentation Fundamentals, you'll first learn about 3D views and rendering. Next, you'll explore design documentation. By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate your design intent with Revit's annotation, documentation, and visualization tools.

Software required: Revit 2017.



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Revit Architecture Design Presentation Fundamentals

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