3ds Max: Special Effects for Design Visualization
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Lynda - 3ds Max: Special Effects for Design Visualization

Design visualizations can help you clearly communicate your ideas to your stakeholders, and get them excited about bringing your concepts to life. By adding tasteful special effects to your design visualization projects—such as billowing foliage and movie-style camera effects—you can make your designs even more compelling. In this course, discover how to use special effects and techniques for 3ds Max to enhance the production quality of your design visualization projects. Instructor Chris Murray demonstrates how to add wet looking materials and masks, unroll and unfold objects with Bend, create mood with atmospherics, use 3ds Max cameras like real-world cameras, and more.

Topics include:

Creating wet looking materials and masks
Cool ways to do reveals
Creating reveals with the Texture Object Mask
Adding believable realism with animation techniques
Creating billowing foliage
Using movie-style camera effects
Real-world cameras, depth of field, and exposure control



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