SDS2 not run
I have download SDS2 v7.3 from
and saved it into
but when I click the file, it says
Error: "This installation package could not be opened. Contact
the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows
Installer package"

Can some help me to repair my file if it's damage or not?
I use win 7 sp1 64bit

For sds2 v7.025 I saved it at
but when I run in win 7, it's crack can't run, maybe someone
help me too for my case, I want to use SDS2 but all files can't be used.
Please help me and many thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

لدعم قناة وسام الحمد على اليوتيوب

hello, I have the same problem when I try to install SDS2 v7.3, Any solution?

Regarding to SDS2 v7.025 it only works in windows XP 32 bits, I have installed on it and works great.

I hope someone share the way for install SDS2 v7.3


SDS2 not run

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