Bentley WaterGEMS Connect Edition
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Bentley WaterGEMS Connect Edition

Bentley WaterGEMS Connect Edition

WaterGEMS is a multiplatform solution for the analysis of water supply and sewerage networks. The solution has an increased compatibility means creating geospatial models, optimization and resource management. WaterGEMS Package is an easy-to-use environment for engineering analysis, design and optimization of water supply and sewerage systems: from the analysis of fire extinguishing systems and concentrations of the components to calculate the energy consumption and control capital costs.

It supports four platforms: a stand-alone Windows interface, the ArcGIS interface (for integration with data in GIS format, thematic mapping, and publishing), MicroStaton interface (for linking media geospatial planning and engineering design) and AutoCAD interface (built-in compatibility with the most popular in the world CAD).

Main WaterGEMS options regarding hydraulic properties, operation and water quality: Simulation of stable states; Modeling long time intervals; An analysis of concentrations of components; Tracking sources; Analysis of criticality; Analysis mixing tank; Analysis of water age; Analysis of the flow of fire extinguishing systems; Regulation on the basis of the rules or logic; Serve with adjustable speed with the ability to use APEX (Automatic Parameter Estimation extension); Simulation of sprinkler systems; Simulation of leaks; Requirements for water supply, critical pressure; Unidirectional flushing on the basis of the script; Modeling valves



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Bentley WaterGEMS Connect Edition

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