Run Linux Without Installing Linux !! ^_^ k

Run Linux Without Installing Linux !! ^_^ k


try konppix STD .. you will love it . i am using it r8 now

its a bootable CD . it won't touch your current os..

----------------------------------------------------- -

check your boot sequence in bios to boot from cd .

put the CD ( it will boot ) k

play with it ( 1 h every day . a total of 30 h a month ) c

logout & remove the CD

start your machine again & you'll return to your current os

----------------------------------------------------- -

i copied around 10 copies and gave my friends . . .

and they love it.

i have tried it on two machines

I tried it on a DVD/CD drive with XP/duel-boot (win98/win2000) and it worked first time every time like a charm

its really nice, slick , & for advanced or beginners alike

Although it’s a 0.1 beta . it is very stable…

if you ask me. it’s a dangerous distro. Because its geared toward security more .

you have a huge arsenal of security tools at your hands . it even has s0me wireless sniffing tools

ranging from honeypots , password crackers, firewalls , scanners , snifters , penetration test , intrusion detection systems and many mooore. All bundled up with the Distro.

Hers is a list of tools
\ < check it out

here are some screenshots


and here is the main website


and if you have some problems or questions . go to a dedicated forum here \

oh ! . and I forgot to tell you its a new thing & its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


i noticed that you can bypass any password protected box with this distro and see or browse any folder on the hard disk !!!

you can copy the sam files or upload/download anything from/to an external USB flash/hard disk

hope I helped ^_^. s

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Thanks gala for this information.. it really helped :1:
and there is the original Knoppix (without STD) in version 3.2
it is also a bootable CD like Knoppix-STD
i really don't know the difference between them .. except for some tools added in Knoppix STD

these are some mirrors for Knoppix 3.2

i am using it right now but it does not support arabic and you can not read arabic help

good for you ^_^

yes thats r8 . but don't forget its 0.1 beta version

why don't you req. arabic support to the owner of the destro.

or better yet you can ask a Q. at their forum. mybe there is a workaround to do it


there are alot of good tips in the forum. like one guy asked how he can boot from his HardDisk becuse your setting gets lost every time you logout

ah!! almost forgot. the author is writtng some gudes and tips to help every1 , so check the website from time to time


How to Customize Knoppix-STD

take care

الموضوع انه ال knoppix3.2 عباره عن توزيعه لينكس تاتي في اسطوانه واحده ..اذا قمت بعمل البووت منها فسوف تدخل على النظام من غير عمليه انستال ...و لما تخلص شغل تعمل لوج اوت و بعدين تشيل الاسطوانه و خلاص !!
الموضوع ده جميل للمبتداين ..علشان ممكن يواجهوا بعض المشاكل في الانستالينج ... لكن طبعا في امكانيه تركيب النظام على الجهاز .. يعني مش معقول انك كل ما تخش على النظام تحط الاسطوانه :) ..
اي واحد عايز يعرف كيفيه عمل انستال يقولي و يبشر بالخير ...

اسف ..نسيت اشكر gala على الموضوع :)

شكرا على الشرح بس ياليت تقول ازاى اشغل لينكس من داخل ويندوز وهما نظامين مختلفين وما يحبو بعض

لا يوجد اي نظام حتى الان يمكن تشغيله من نظام اخر دون اعاده تشغيل الجهاز (على حسب معلوماتي )

الاخوان kindness & gala
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يا gala تسلمي

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