Borland JBuilder 9 Enterprise

Borland JBuilder 9 Enterprise

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Accelerate your Java development with Borland® JBuilder, the leading environment for building enterprise Java applications. JBuilder 9 Enterprise enhances developer productivity with support for multiple platforms and application servers.

JBuilder 9 Enterprise speeds EJB, Web client, XML, Web Services, mobile, and database application development with two-way visual designers and rapid deployment to leading J2EE platform application servers including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Sun ONE, Oracle9i, Sybase EAServer, and the integrated Borland Enterprise Server. Enhance productivity with UML code visualization, refactoring, code formatting, HotSwap debugging, enterprise unit testing, and support for multiple version control systems. Build in quality with integrated Borland Optimizeit Suite performance tools. Leverage unparalleled flexibility afforded by the OpenTools architecture and project import capabilities.

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