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فلاتر فوتوشوب - Photoshop Plugins - : تحميل جميع أنواع فلاتر الفوتوشوب وبرامج الجرافيك والتصميم - Photoshop Plugins

من أجمل الاضافات للفوتوشوب Nik Software Complete Collection April 2013

من أجمل الاضافات للفوتوشوب Nik Software Complete Collection April 2013

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الموضوع : Nik Software Complete Collection April 2013

الاضافات للفوتوشوب Software Complete Collection April

تجميعة رائعة من شركة NIK

مع هذه الإضافات يمكنك ضبط حدة الصور الرقمية، و تصحيح الألوان، والتأثير على التصميم، والتخلص من أي نوع من مشاكل السطوع في الصور، و الكثير......

اقتباس :-
Nik Software:

Dfine 2.2.0 Rev 22656

Viveza 2.1.0 Rev 22656

HDR Efex Pro™ 2.1.0 Rev 22656

Silver Efex Pro™ 2.1.0 Rev 22656

Sharpener Pro™ 3.1.0 Rev 22665

Color Efex Pro™ 4.2.0 Rev 22656

Required Host Applications to Use this Plug-In

Adobe Photoshop CS4 through CS6

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 through 11

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 through 4
اقتباس :-

Sharpener Pro - professional plug Adobe Photoshop, designed to adjust the sharpness of digital photos. Allows you to work
with 16-bit images without the need to translate them into 8-bit. The preview area allows you to while working to see how
the picture quality depending on the applied effects. The plugin works with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, as
well as with any graphics editor that supports work with filters and plug-in Adobe Photoshop.

Color Efex Pro - a large collection of photographic filters that are designed to improve your digital photos. The package
includes more than 50 filters and 250 different effects. They help to perform color correction, retouching and many other
operations. The interface package is designed as plug DigitalFilmTools with the possibility of increasing the window size and
viewing of images before and after applying the selected filters and effects.

Silver Efex Pro - an excellent new plugin for Adobe Photoshop, which allows photo artists to perform styling of
contemporary digital images under stylish black and white pictures. In automatic mode, the program converts the color image
to black and white. The user can perform more fine-tuning, for example, choose one of two dozen predefined styles, use
the color filters and other tools.

Viveza - excellent plug-in that extends the functionality of a set of tools for editing digital images in Adobe Photoshop.
With this application users can adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation of individual objects or areas of the
photograph. The program will allocate the necessary objects and creates masks in the automatic mode, allowing professionals
to work more productively.

Dfine - amazing plugin for Adobe Photoshop, allows to get rid of the noise of any type on your photos. The secret of the
filter is that it helps identify the source of artifacts and on the basis of this information offers solutions to problems. In
just a few mouse clicks the program will save a photo from the noise in the automatic mode, in addition, you can customize
the settings for a more optimal result.

HDR Efex Pro - tool for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Created to help professional and amateur photographers
to quickly and easily improve the full range of HDR.
New HDR Efex Pro overcomes the limitations that exist in other similar programs with a revolutionary approach "all-in-one",
which allows you to create realistic and creative effects in a single instrument.

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مجموعة الفلاتر الشهيره للفوتوشوب - Nik Software Complete Collectio
Nik Software Photoshop PluginsSuite Complete Collection 2012 (Win&Mac)
Nik Software Complete Collection 64 Bit
كل برامج نــود .. بالمفاتيح .. Complete Eset Software Collection 2008

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