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منتجات جديده من CrystalGraphics مين يقدر يجدها لنا

منتجات جديده من CrystalGraphics مين يقدر يجدها لنا

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Dear Microsoft PowerPoint User,
The long wait for stunning new 3D transition effects for PowerPoint is over! Introducing
PowerPlugs: Transitions V
, hot off the creative production line. Be one of the first presenters to wow your audiences with some of the most magical, futuristic and innovative 3D transition effects anyone has ever seen.

Exciting new 3D transition effects!
  • Balloons
  • Imperial Disk
  • Pop the Balloon
  • Semi Truck
  • Tunnel Travel
  • Twirling Panels
  • Magic Wand
  • Delivery Truck
  • Magical Doors
  • Revolving Frames
  • Space Cube
  • Turn Image Turn
  • Vault Doors
  • Emerald Screens
  • Paint Ball
  • Scene Slate
  • Space Port
  • Turning Pieces
  • Virtual Billboard
Powerful new features!

منتجات جديده CrystalGraphics يجدها
In addition to these cool new 3D effects, PowerPlugs: Transitions V also includes some powerful new features. For example, many of the 3D transition effects in volume V allow you to select your own image or photo to be automatically inserted right into the transition effect. This is a great way to show off your organization's name, product, logo, slogan or photo.
PowerPlugs: Transitions also now provides full support for PowerPoint's custom animations and includes an exciting new feature that makes it a snap to export your 3D-enhanced presentations directly to a CD. Then when you insert that CD into the destination computer, the 3D-enhanced presentation just comes up and plays. No installation or other hassles!

منتجات جديده CrystalGraphics يجدها
منتجات جديده CrystalGraphics يجدها

وكمان لمستخدمي الMicrosoft Outlook

Dear Microsoft Office User,

We're pleased to announce the release of
PowerPlugs: Stationery Designer
. Now it's a snap to create customized email stationery for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express to send to business associates, customers, as well as family and friends!

With just a few clicks, you can add your company logo, family or artistic photo, colorful banner, scrolling text animation, background photo or texture , name, title, signature and more to your emails. The software also includes powerful editing tools such as image cropping, image flipping, image processing, color picking, text formatting, animation options and much more!

PowerPlugs: Stationery Designer is the perfect solution to the challenge of finding the ideal personalized look for your emails. It gives you the power, the tools, and the flexibility to create memorable email stationery that represents you or your company. And, it's all easily done within seconds. The possibilities are endless!
Click here to see a variety of custom email stationery designs created using PowerPlugs: Stationery Designer

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