Trafficware Synchro Studio 7.1 Build 773
Trafficware Synchro Studio 7.1 Build 773
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Trafficware Synchro Studio 7.1 Build 773 -- 54.22 MB
Software developed specifically for engineers, transport workers, which allows to model complex junctions and road junctions, with subsequent display of the results in full 3D.

Company Trafficware, founded in 1994, develops and markets software for better control traffic flow and facilitate the work of engineers.
The new version Trafficware Synchro Studio 7 added an impressive list of new features, without change in the earlier ability editor.
For example, you can now visualize the complete geometric model of the intersection directly in Synchro, as well as edit all data directly on the map using the sidebar. In addition there are several bitmap images to create a background scene of the project.

Key features Trafficware Synchro Studio;

- (Visualize full geometric layout within Synchr) Complete visualization of the geometric model neposledstvenno in Synchro Studio
- (Edit all data directly on map sidebar) editing data directly on the map project
- (Multiple bitmaps for background) Additional bitmaps for the background scene
- Full integration of GIS MrSID and SHP files (aerial bitmap and centerline shape files)
- (Set median, crosswalk width, tapers, TWLTL, lane alignment and more for simulation) Installation of medians, the width of a pedestrian crossing restrictions, TWLTL etc. according to the established standard.
- (Control lane alignment thru intersections)
- (Detailed detector settings)

In the composition Trafficware Synchro Studio 7.1 include:

SimTraffic 7
3D Viewer 7
Warrants 7


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Trafficware Synchro Studio 7.1 Build 773

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