MapInfo Software Collection (2007-2009) بحجم 1.4 جيجا
بحجم 1.4 جيجا بايت

MapInfo Software Collection (2007-2009) -- 1.4 GB

MapInfo provides location intelligence solutions through combining software, data (both spatial and non spatial) and consultancy with project management, systems design and development, training and support. MapInfo produces a wide range of software including Spatial Cartridges for databases (SpatialWare), Routing (Routing J Server), Geocoding (MapMarker), Site Analysis (AnySite), Risk Analysis, Market Analysis, demographic analysis (TargetPro), and the Envinsa web services suite along with the more traditional Geographic Information System (GIS) software. MapInfo's GIS software products include the desktop GIS software, MapInfo Professional, MapXtreme 2005 and MapXtreme Java for web-based and desktop client mapping, as well as developer tools such as MapBasic. The latest version of MapInfo Professional is v9.5, which was released in July 2008 and now comes as standard in SCP Software Copy Protection.

MapInfo Professional 9.5.1 (Russian version)
MapInfo 10 SR (english version)
MapInfo Professional 9.0 Portable (english version)
Mapinfo Vertical Mapper 3.1.1 (english version)
Mapinfo MapBasic 9.5 (english version)


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MapInfo Software Collection (2007-2009) بحجم 1.4 جيجا

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