Bentley Architecture Dataset GB UK & US 8i.

Bentley Architecture Dataset GB UK & US 8i.

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Bentley Architecture Dataset & 8i.

Bentley Architecture Dataset GB UK & US 8i. -- 91,6 MB

Bentley Architecture is an advanced, yet intuitive and easy-to-use architectural building information modeling (BIM) application that empowers architects and designers to create with unlimited freedom.

Compared with versions 08.09.05, these 08.11.05 versions includes the
following changes:
* new seed files for Dynamic View support
* new DataGroup catalog items for interior, exterior, and compound
walls; created from wall part and cpart definitions
* new DataGroup catalog item for building
* new DataGroup catalog items for sample stairs
* new DataGroup catalog sample stair constraint file
* new energy analysis files in setting folder
* new rules folder with drawing rules file
* new material palettes, patterns and bump maps
(selection from MicroStation system/materials folders)
* new material definitions for part rendering
* new 'styles' part family with parts for all materials in palettes
* new office furniture DataGroup items
* new home furniture DataGroup items
* additional plumbing fixture DataGroup items


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