Engineering Power Tools 2
Engineering Power Tools 2 -- 1.7 Mb

Engineering Power Tools is powerful software for professional engineers. Now, it has been made portable. The program can greatly boost your efficiency by eliminating wasted time spent in looking up formulas, and then performing the same calculations over and over by hand. The software solves a wide range of common engineering problems quickly and efficiently. Over 150 program modules and data tables are organized into a single easy-to-use package.

Portable 'Engineering Power Tools 2' does not need installation. Just carry it in a flash drive and use on any computer, even without administrator access. No settings on the host computer are changed. The portable app creates a sandbox folder in its current location, where it stores all its settings and temporary files. Make as many copies of the app as you need. No more conflicts with other applications. No more 'hijacking' of file types.


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thanks alot my dear friend
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good tool

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thanks alot my dear friend
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Engineering Power tools
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Engineering Power Tools 2

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