Autodesk Civil 3D v2008
Autodesk Civil 3D v2008 -- 2.2 GB

Make your move to AutoCAD Civil 3D software and help your team complete a wide range of civil engineering projects faster, smarter, and more accurately. By intelligently linking design and production drafting, the industry-proven dynamic model at the core of Civil 3D allows you to evaluate multiple design alternatives quickly, minimize manual edits, and output updated plans automatically.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 software provides civil engineers, designers, surveyors, and drafters with a comprehensive AutoCAD®-based package for the design, drafting, and management of a wide range of civil engineering project types, including site development and road design. Using an industry-proven, dynamic engineering model, Civil 3D links design and production drafting, greatly reducing the time it takes to implement design changes and evaluate multiple scenarios. A change made in one place instantly updates an entire project, helping you complete projects faster, smarter, and more accurately. All team members work from the same consistent, up-to-date model, so they stay synchronized throughout all project phases.

With AutoCAD Civil 3D software, your organization can standardize on one powerful product for all of its civil engineering design, drafting, and GIS needs. Reduce training and support costs, simplify licensing and subscription renewals, minimize data translation requirements, and substantially improve the quality of your deliverables with one powerful solution.

Keep the Team Coordinated
AutoCAD Civil 3D provides integrated team collaboration that scales to meet the needs of small and large teams alike. Collaborate effectively, reduce the risk of error, and complete projects faster.


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Autodesk Civil 3D v2008

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