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لعبة (Jane's F/A-18 (PC

لعبة (Jane's F/A-18 (PC

(Jane's F/A-18

حجم :[719 Mb]

Game DescriptionIt's the proverbial "postage stamp" landing. Take one of the world's most powerful air-combat fighters* in this case the F/A-18 Super Hornet* one rocking and rolling deck of a United States Navy aircraft carrier and a fully interactive 3D rendered interactive cockpit. Mix the ingredients together and you've got the recipe for experiencing an aspect of modern Navy warfare of which legends abound or* conversely* the helplessness of unmitigated disaster.

The precision landing test of skill that requires you* as pilot* to "call the ball" as you leverage your 46*000 pound machine from 100 knots to zero in only 150 feet of deck by catching the "third wire" with your tail hook is but one aspect of Jane's F/A-18. You'll take off in a blaze of speed and G-forces as you rocket from zero to 150 knots in only two seconds at the business end of the steam catapult.

From the F/A-18's cockpit you'll gaze at a proprietary terrain-rendering system that features sun glare* water shimmer* ground clutter* dynamic lighting* 3D clouds* changing seas* mountainous vistas of Northern Russia and weapons-induced explosions and fireworks. The Jane's Combat Simulation team has developed the F/A-18 emulation to showcase realistic flight physics* avionics and weapons capabilities.

The working cockpit replicates both performance and viewing perspective to complement the game's training missions* briefings and objectives over the span of a complete air campaign based on latest world intelligence (c.1999). Eschewing predictable scripted missions* the designers place you dead center in an escalating conflict in and around the area of Murmansk and allow you to fly missions in conjunction with Russian allies who are attempting to control a rogue Russian faction that has access to advanced technology and weaponry.

Jane's F/A-18 supports multi-player action up to seven other players via a LAN* the Internet or modem (each player must own a copy of the game). Are you up to the challenge of mastering the F/A-18 Super Hornet? Ready to carry out deadly strike missions from the portable hangar that is a U.S. Navy carrier? Climb aboard the F/A-18 and find out!

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لعبة (Jane's F/A-18 (PC
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