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Bontago 1.1 لحقوها قبل لا تطير ._|.<(+_+)>.|_.

Bontago 1.1 لحقوها قبل لا تطير ._|.<(+_+)>.|_.

Bontago لحقوها ._|.<(+_+)>.|_.
Bontago stretches the limits of strategy gaming by providing an innovative experience that will challenge even the most seasoned gamers. Construct towers to expand influence and control an ever changing playing field.


Sink opponents* activate special blocks (volcanos* bombs* earthquakes* and more!)* and extend influence* all while maintaining towering structures in a realistic physics environment.Developed by Juniors at DigiPen Institute of Technology* Bont&atilde;go is an intense single or multiplayer 3d real-time strategy game. Players begin with flags (one color for each player) spaced evenly around the edge of a large disk* called the field* balanced on a fulcrum in the center. Around each flag is a circle representing that player's controlled area. Every few seconds a block appears on each player's cursor. The players must place the blocks somewhere in their controlled areas. Players can place the block at any moment in the allotted time* or can hold it until time is up and the block will fall on its own and be replaced by the next block.
The goal of the game is to encompass all of the world flags in the controlled area. To expand the controlled area* the player must build upwards and outwards. The radius of the controlled area (and thus the area the player may place blocks in) is determined using the height of the player's structures perpendicular to the disk. If controlled areas of opposing players meet* a hole is formed in the disk in the overlapping region. The first player to possess a continuous area containing the world flags wins.
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Bontago 1.1 لحقوها قبل لا تطير ._|.<(+_+)>.|_.
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