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الاسطوانة المتميزة Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 (PROTEUS

الاسطوانة المتميزة Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 (PROTEUS

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Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 (PROTEUS

This edition includes many new utilities, many have been updated and the
selection menus have been improved. Yet the size is considerably reduced so
that it can fit in a 2 Gb USB flash memory stick.

الاسطوانة المتميزة Hiren's Restored Edition (PROTEUS


Hiren's Boot CD is a vast collection of bootable and portable utilities for
the management, diagnosis and repair of computer problems, recover lost or
deleted files or cracking passwords. There is no computer problem for which
HBCD does not have at least one tool to help with its solution. In addition,
HBCD provides the means to take control of any computer and communicate with
other computers, surf the internet, write documents or programs, without
booting the installed operating system. There are literally hundreds of
utilities and it is advised that you explore the contents before the need for
it arises. Hiren's Boot CD can be used in two ways:

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الاسطوانة الكاملة من هيرنس بوت Hiren's Boot CD 15.2
Hirens BootCD 15 2 Restored Edition
اسطوانة الصيانة العملاقة Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition 2 بطرح مميز
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الاسطوانة المتميزة Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 (PROTEUS
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